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A social crowdfunding platform that integrates cryptocurrencies at its core as the primary means of payment for receiving funding for individuals, organizations, non-profit and creators worldwide.

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For any crowdfunding purpose

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Instantly create personalized fundraisers for yourself, friends, and loved ones or maximize your impact by donating directly to individual campaigns near you.

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Diversify your revenue stream and increase your donor base by fundraising through customized nonprofit pages, embedded widgets, and corporate campaigns Setup is easy and you can get all the insights you need at a glance.

For DOAs & Communities

Crowdfunding & DAOs are a match made in heaven. Our platform offers a user-friendly interface for creating and managing crowdfunding campaigns, and accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies as well as facilitate fiat off-ramp. With our support, DAOs and communities can...

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Inspire Your Audience! Take advantage of CFM to integrate a seamless donation experience that’s fun for you and your supporters

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Become a Cryptofundme Ambassador by helping a fundraiser reach it’s goal and earn a commission

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Pay less taxes when you donate in crypto. Get automatic tax receipts and save on capital gains tax when you donate through CryptoFundMe.

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Every donation on cryptofundme is a soulbond NFT which is verified on the blockchain

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Grow your fundraising efforts and drive donor participation with a customized page that leaves a lasting impression.

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