About CyptoFundMe

CryptoFundMe, or CFM, is a social crowdfunding platform that integrates cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum at its core as the primary means of payment for receiving funding for individuals and organisations worldwide. We are committed to making crowdfunding easier and more accessible for everyone, by helping you seamlessly accept or make donations in all cryptocurrencies and instantly convert your funds to cash.

Our Drive

CFM was born out of the dire need for Africans and many other countries around the globe to have a safe and reliable platform to raise or donate tokens to charity or any cause you believe in.

Think of Gofundme but with more flexibility, reachability, and reliability, and it's blazing fast too!

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a world where anyone from anywhere can easily give or receive help - one cryptofund at a time. And we are seeing this through by bringing together together a tribe of givers and people who are in need.

Make and recieve donations from anywhere

Every donation is an NFT

Get a tax receipt for every donation

Go borderless with your crowdfunding

Steps to follow

Starting A Campaign on CFM takes just a few clicks

Tell Your Story

Share your story, reasons or motivations for the campaign

Share With Friends and Community

Share your campaign across multiple platforms and expand your community.

Manage Your Funds

Take charge of the funds raised for your campaign.