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Innovative Fundraising for Nonprofits

We offer cutting-edge solutions to nonprofits looking to accept cryptocurrency donations to help them achieve their goal in the crypto space. The crypto ecosystem and crypto donation have seen tremendous growth. 45% of crypto users donate at least 1000 dollars to charities each year, your nonprofit can benefit from this.

Donor protection is guaranteed

We take our donors very seriously, and we take extra steps to make sure their donations are protected.

Basic procedures in registering your non-profit

You can customize and share your CryptoFundMe nonprofit page and widgets in just a few minutes.


Register your nonprofit and scale your revenue and impact

Diversify your nonprofit’s revenue streams and increase its donor base through accepting crypto donations like Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies.

Simple and Easy to setup with Customized Fundraising Experience

You can setup your campaigns easily. We provide customizable fundraising pages, forms, and tools built to facilitate seamless experiences. You can also set up our widgets on your website if you prefer to receive donations directly from your website.

Monitor Fundraisers and Donations.

We offer cutting-edge solutions to nonprofits looking to accept cryptocurrency donations to help them hit the ground running in the crypto space. Track all donor data and monitor campaigns and donation activities for your nonprofits using these powerful tools. Our dashboard analytics give you all the insight you need to successfully run your campaign at a glance.

We have made crowdfunding better for your non-profit

Go Borderless with your Fundraiser

With CryptoFundMe, any nonprofit anywhere in the world can receive donations from anyone, anywhere, and at any time, without going through the hassle involved in international remittance. With CryptoFundMe, location is not a barrier.

Engage with your Donors

Interact with your donors through our various channels customized for you, send customized emails, videos. What would you like to say to your donors? Yes we let you customise that too

Accept Recurring Donations

Set up a recurrent system of receiving donations monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Instant Settlement

Every crypto donation you receive will be instantly converted to any fiat currency of your choice.


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We have curated a lot of writings and research to keep you updated with the raising crypto donor class.

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